Labor Agreement Negotiation

Labor relations professionals at M. L. Johnson & Associates, LLC are experts at reaching agreements between labor unions and employers which facilitate efficiency in a positive and productive workplace. We will think strategically to develop plans that align with, and best support, your business and organizational goals.

With our long history of cultivating cooperation among organized labor, community groups, the contractor community, and government entities, M. L. Johnson & Associates, LLC helps companies meet their goals while negotiating a successful agreement between all parties. We will oversee proposals and counter-offers in order to achieve a mutually agreeable collective bargaining agreement.


Labor Agreement Administration

Labor Relations

M. L. Johnson & Associates, LLC is a nationally recognized for Labor Relations Professionalism, with extensive experience and expertise in the field of both Public and Private Sector Labor Relations. We are committed to using trust and respect in dealing with employees and management and will provide the ideas, information, and results that organizations need to successfully manage labor-related issues.

Labor Compliance

With extensive experience and knowledge of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs), including Prevailing Wage, Davis-Bacon and Service Contract Act, M. L. Johnson & Associates, LLC assists both government agencies and prime contractors in developing PLAs for each proposed contract. Drawing from our history of successfully overseeing labor issues on some of the largest public works projects in the United States, M. L. Johnson & Associates, LLC will help you to meet your objective while guaranteeing compliance with all regulations and laws.

Community Outreach, Local Hire &  Workforce Development

Local Worker Hiring Programs (LWHP) aim to increase the participation of local workers in the development of projects in an effort to retain and create jobs in economically challenged communities. M. L. Johnson & Associates, LLC has a long history of working within the local labor, contractor, and minority communities in local areas. Based on our strong existing relationships in the realm of LWHP, we work with various types of organizations and implement Good Faith Efforts to train and employ low-income and/or minority individuals living in the local area.


M. L. Johnson & Associates, LLC has decades of experience in Community Workforce Agreements and is well known as an advocate for those who have traditionally been disadvantaged in finding careers in the skilled trades, such as Small Business (SBE) and Disadvantaged Business (DBE), as well as minority groups, such as Minority Owned Business (MBE) and Women Owned Business (WBE). Equal Employment Opportunity and affirmative action are integral elements of any contract agreement, and we work side-by-side with our clients to assure community-based development programs are efficient and successful.

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